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Twitguru call it a game or the first ever human powered ad network on twitter! We believe it is a great online advertising and marketing platform to take your product across the continents in a very short time.

Banking on the viral network of Twitter, TwitGuru has the potential to take your product to the common masses and at the same time introduce it to a set of highly influential people, wandering in its virtual world.

Twitguru – Why we call it as human powered ad network on twitter? Twitguru uses the wisdom of the crowd to spread your words. User evaluates and endorses the product to his fellow tweeple (twitter users). For the advertisers, this tool will be perfect for product launches and promotions with a small ad budget. Twitguru is the most effective tool for advertisers to distribute gift coupons, product launch gifts or festive discounts.

How user is rewarded?
Guess the right price, be a twitguru!! You could monetize your tweet channel if you get lucky! 😉 Users compete on the twitguru platform to win the product for FREE. The element of gaming and competition keeps the user engaged with the network and gives him one more reason to do his favorite activity: tweet !!

Twitguru vs other ad networks

1. Twitguru never spams. Since the user does it at his will, followers are spammed with automated ad tweets.

2. Twitguru gives tacit publicity to the product; the human powered cycle makes the user think, talk and search for the product, consequently increasing its brand visibility.

3. The viral information network of twitter, assists twitguru to act as an effective word-of-mouth marketing tool.
Can a small product company afford twitguru campaign? Whatever may be your budget, we have a space for you at twitguru. The twitguru campaigns start with budgets as low as $100.

Who should be interested in Twitguru? Everyone!! From FMCG products, life style products, personal health care, homework help, bakery, and whoever wants to get their products promoted.

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